Formula 1-Style Car in Gaza

Engineering students in Gaza managed to mold, sand, and paint recycled parts to build a Formula 1-style car.  Against all odds, students at the Khan Younis Training Center (KYTC) built and tested the single seat racing car.  An Israeli blockade meant they had to be resourceful and use water pipes for the chassis and an engine salvaged from an old motorbike.

The finished product has been all the more sweet amidst the obstacles.  KYTC team leader, Osama Al Othmani said it best:  We are challenging all the pressures here, and the blockade. We want to prove to the world that even if we are living on nothing, we can still create something from it.  To see a video news story about this , please visit:

Impressed with their hard work and achievement, the students were invited to compete in the 2011 Formula Student competition – a prestigious competition organized by the Institution for Mechanical Engineers.  The competition is also known as the Silverstone Circuit in Britain.

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