Marble and Stone Industry

One of the most important sectors in Palestinian industry, the marble and stone industry has been ranked 12th in the world.  The Hebron district alone holds 66% of the Palestinian marble production.  The rest of the quarries and stonecutting companies are mainly in the Bethlehem and Nablus districts.

According to PalTrade, an organization whose goal it is to lead the development of Palestinian trade, the industry employs about 15,000 administrative, skilled and unskilled laborers. Annual wages average approximately $6000 per year for unskilled workers, the highest wage paid to unskilled laborers in any major industry in Palestine. Average annual product sales per employee are approximately $40,000.

A variety of stones and marble are produced in Palestine.  They are identifiable by their specific location, which in turn defines the quality.

There is even a union for the workers.  Established in 1996, the Union of Stone and Marble Industry is not only dedicated to promoting the needs of Palestinian stone and marble producers, but it also seeks to strategically place the Palestinian stone and marble industry on the international market.

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