Entrepreneur and Business Developer, Chile

“To be Palestinian in Chile is something to be proud of. It means you are good for business, have a strong family tradition, and that you are a hard worker,” said Marcelo.

Marcelo Diaz is a serial entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in multiple areas. He is a leader in development and manufacturing technology as well as in the export of Latin American goods to Europe, the USA, and Asia. Additionally, Marcelo is a frontrunner in transferring knowledge and technology to multinational companies all over the world.

Marcelo studied Agricultural Engineering at Universidad Mayor de Chile. With over 9 innovative companies developed, Marcelo has worked for projects in Iceland, USA, Argentina and Chile, traveling the world to market their innovations, which have entered demanding markets such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Europe, United States, Brazil and Argentina just to mention a few. He has been named Technology Innovator Leader by Stanford University, as well as a Launching New Ventures expert by Harvard University.

His great grandparents came to Chile from Beit Sahour in 1910, in a journey lasting three months. Their original last name was Masih, but they changed it to Diaz, because no one spoke Arabic in Chile in that time.

Marcelo is completely proud of his Palestinian blood, believing it is the root of his entrepreneurial spirit. Looking to his parents, grandparents and great grandparents as an example, Marcelo has learned the importance of creating companies to benefit the country that helped them start a new beginning, as well as the tremendous value of family support.

Among other activities, Marcelo serves as CEO of IncubaUC, an Incubator from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile – 1st Business University Incubator in Latin America, 6th world wide – and President of the board of ChileIncuba; the Chilean National Association of Incubators.

In other topics, he is creator of “El Domo” a docu-reality TV show based on the experience of the Startups he supports to be successful in Silicon Valley, USA.

In addition, Marcelo won the AVONNI award to the best Innovator in the food industry of 2012 given by TVN, the Chilean national TV Channel.

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