Our Lady of Palestine

The most popular of all the Christian saints is the Virgin Mary.  Countless devotions and prayers are made to Holy Mary throughout the world.  Palestine is no exception.  In fact, Palestinian Christians formally dedicated a prayer to Our Lady of Palestine in 1945.

Excerpts from the prayer include, “Bring about the speedy fulfilment of the promise, which issued from the lips of Thy Divine Son, that there should be one fold and one Shepherd.  Obtain for us all that we may serve the Lord in sanctity and justice during the days of our life, so that, by the merits of Jesus and with thy motherly aid, we may pass at last from this earthly Jerusalem to the splendours of the heavenly one.  Amen.”

To read the full prayer, please see:  http://catholicism.org/prayer-to-our-lady-of-palestine.html.

A celebration takes place at the Deir Rafat Monastery (Holy Land) for Our Lady of Palestine each year.  To view pictures of a religious celebration, scroll to the bottom of:http://www.custodia.org/Feast-of-Our-Lady-of-Palestine-in.html?lang=it

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